Non-woven Bags

Non-woven bags are reasonable fabric-like bags made from spun-bonded polypropylene (PP) which can be recycled, naturally decompose, or completely incinerates. More »

Paper Bags

Paper bags look more attractive and they come in a variety of shapes, size, color and design. In addition to that, paper bag can carry a lot more weight than plastic bags. More »

Laminated Non-woven Bags

Laminated Non woven bags are very popular and trendy making them appealing to your most discerning customers. More »

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are the most durable reusable bags and last hundreds of times longer than traditional PET shopping bags More »


Custom Shopping Bags



ADD Shopping Bags offers custom printed bags in various styles, materials, and sizes. If you want to find out how much you need to make a custom bag, click the button below to get a free quotation.

Please check the details for the styles you need, or feel free to contact us directly.  Graphic design service is available. We guarantee our qualities and designs.

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ADD SHOPPING BAGS have many years experience in supplying Customized Shopping Bags with high quality and most competitive price.  We place customer satisfaction at our top most priority and cooperate closely with our clients to create the most attractive packages which can help to get their products noticed.

Please contact our professional sales staff to obtain a FREE QUOTE and start to create your own one of a kind Custom Shopping Bags, Promotional Shopping Bags, Reusable Bags, Paper bags, or Non-woven bags today! Graphic design service is also available to help you promote your brand and businesses.


Nowadays, more and more business/stores chooses making custom shopping bags to promote their business.

  • First of all Custom bags can be printed using screen printing, heat transfer printing, offset printing etc. Companies can choose to print their logo or artwork on the bags. Because most of the customized shopping bags are reusable bags. For example, Non-woven fabric, Canvas or cotton fabric are two most common material to make custom shopping bags. A recent survey shows that most retail stores, supermarket choose custom shopping bags to promote business. customer using the bags with their logo which remind them to shop again from them.
  • Second, Toronto tried to ban the plastic bags because of considering protecting the environment.  Reusable shopping bags like Non-woven bags and canvas which are very Eco-friendly. Both can be decomposed underground in 90 days. Using more custom shopping bags can reduce the pollution.

Therefore, using custom shopping bags can be more Eco-friendly, and also a very good way to promote business.

Our Custom Shopping Bags can be printed, sized, and stylized to your preferences and specifications. With custom shopping bags, you are able to show your unique brand, logo and slogan on the stylish reusable custom shopping bags. Excellent product that can help to promote your brand and businesses. ADD Printing & Packaging supplies a wide variety of custom shopping bags including: woven & non-woven bags, reusable shopping bags, promotional shopping bags, customer bags, custom printed bags, customized paper bags, customized grocery bags, customized garment bags,customized wine bags, customized canvas bags, customized tote bags, Kraft paper bags, non-woven bags, laminated non-woven bags, and lots more. We also specialize in any sizes and styles of printed custom shopping bags.


 What is Reusable Custom Shopping Bags

reusable shopping bags

reusable shopping bags

reusable custom shopping bag, sometimes called bag for life, is a type of Custom Shopping Bags which can be reused many times: this is an alternative of single use paper or plastic bags. It is often made from fabric such as canvas, woven synthetic fibers, or a thick plastic that is more durable than disposable plastic bags, allowing multiple use.

Reusable custom shopping bags are a kind of carrier bag, which are available for sale in supermarkets and apparel shops. Reusable custom shopping bags require more energy to produce than common plastic shopping bags. One reusable bag requires the same amount of energy as an estimated 28 traditional plastic shopping bags or eight paper bags. “If used once per week, four or five reusable bags will replace 520 plastic bags a year” according to Nick Sterling, research director at Natural Capitalism Solutions. A study commissioned by the United Kingdom Environment Agency in 2005 but never published found that the average cotton bag is used only 51 times before being thrown away.

Paper Bags

The Revolution For The Paper Bag – Laminated Paper Bags

The Revolution For The Paper Bag – Laminated Paper Bags

In Canada, there are lot of business and retail stores use paper bags for promotion purpose. Traditionally, most of the paper bags are made of non-laminated paper but now people prefer the laminated paper shopping bags because they can be used for many other purposes. There are few advantage for using the laminated paper bags:

1. Printing colour is enhanced
Printing colour will be enhanced after glossy lamination. It makes the paper bags become more colourful and outstanding. The company message can be seen easily.

2.Water Resistance
Laminated proof is an advantage of laminated non-woven bags compare with traditional paper bags. It makes paper bags become more durable and water resistance.

It is affordable for the laminated paper bags with strong and durable material compare with the traditional paper bags.

The bags will become stronger after lamination. Lamination can increase the strength of the bag. It can carry more heavy stuff than traditional paper bags.

Lamination techniques makes the revolution for the paper bags. It makes the paper bags become more stronger, durable and water resistance.

Non-woven Bag

Build up your brand image with non-woven bags in Canada

Bags is a critical component in building a brand’s image and identity. The message can be delivered to the end-user within limited imprinted area. When users carry the bags and walk on the street, it becomes a floating advertisement. There are few advantages for using non-woven bags to build up your brand image..

1. Brand Identity Expression.
High quality printing non-woven bags can improve the engagement with the end-users and differentiate a brand in today’s crowded markets.

Good non-woven bags printing design can make company information easy to find. Also, good printing messages can share unique company and product message directly with end-users.

The colorful and informative non-woven bags can also call attention to your products over those of competitors.

Why chose custom made non-woven bags in Canada?

Other than build up brand images, there are few advantage for using non woven bags.

Reusable non-woven bags are everywhere in Canada nowadays and these non woven bags are using for all kinds of business, not just for retailer. There are few advantage for non-woven bags.

1.Environmental friendly
Non-woven fabric is made of spun bond polypropylene . It is 100% recycle and can be used many times and so may keep dozens or even hundreds of plastic shopping bags out of local landfills. Also, non-woven bags are bio-degradable and can be burn without any toxic contaminants.

2. Durability
Non-woven bags are more durable than the traditional paper and plastic bags. Coating effect can make non-woven bags become waterproof, colorful appearance. The life span is longer than the traditional paper and plastic bags

3.Good for Advertising
Non woven bags are a good way to promote your company and products. Non woven bags are a good floating advertisement platform and end-users can reuse the non-woven bags over and over promoting your business. Non-woven bags provide a cost effective way for your company to reach huge advertising effect.

How to Choose the Right Retail Bags for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Retail Bags for Your Business

There’re many factors to consider when you choose the retail bags for your business.


First of all, you need to consider the main purpose of the retail bags. Are these bags mainly for aesthetic and advertising purposes, or are they meant to protect the contents?

If  you are looking for the bags which are mainly for aesthetic purposes, you are going to need the bag that comes with Custom logo/image printed such as a custom non-woven bags, custom paper bags etc.

Non-woven bags, also called reusable bags, which  can be customized almost any size and are available in matte or glossy finishes with lamination. These bags are designed to protect the environment and also promote your business.

Paper bags is also one of the good retail bags which can be custom printed and use for promotion. The cost is very close to the reusable non-woven bags, but it’s less durable and not Eco-friendly.

Most supermarket use non-woven bags as their retail bags because it’s reusable and heavy duty. More and more people choose to buy reusable retail bags instead of plastic bags which will help the world reduce pollution a lot.

Second, If you are limited with budget, Kraft paper bags are  very good choice for you because of the low price and high cost performance. logo can also be printed on the bags using screen printing or offset printing etc. The cost of kraft paper bags are almost half of the non-woven bags and gloss paper bags.

In most of fashion store or shoe store, they use craft paper bags a lot because of the reason above.

In conclusion, ADD shopping bags has lots of options for our customer to choose the right retail bags upon their requirement. We can custom print any kind of logo or image, even metallic color like gold, silver,etc.

You just need to send us your logo image, and we’ll take care of the rest.

plastic bags, use reusable bags

Montreal will ban plastic bags in 2018, Use Reusable Bags

Montreal will ban plastic bags in 2018, Use Reusable Bags

Montreal will be the largest municipality in Canada to ban single-use plastic bags as of Jan. 1, 2018, It’s a really good news because plastic bags caused too much pollution problems.

If this happens, Montreal will face the legal challenges from the plastic bags industry that forced other cities who tried to implement similar bans, including Toronto, to retreat.

Most of the stores and retailers have to go for reusable shopping bags, retail bags which will cost more than single use plastic bags, but it will be much helpful to protect the enviroment since most reusable bags are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. People like to use reusable bags for grocery shopping which is also good for business promotion purpose. For long term perspective, reusable bags should be better choice in the future. Hope the other cities in Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, etc can follow the step of Montreal to ban the plastic bags in the near future.

Non-woven Bags vs Paper Bags

Non-woven Bags vs Paper Bags

Nowadays, more and more business and retail stores choose to use non-woven bags instead of traditional paper bags and nylon bags. Some people may ask, what is non-woven bag?

Non-woven bag is a kind of reusable bag which is made by non-woven fabric. This kind of fabric is recyclable and Eco-friendly. The following, I’m going to compare non-woven bags and paper bags.

First of all, Non-woven bags are reusable.  This is a big advantage of comparing with paper bags. Some paper bags can only be used by once, but the price might be higher than the non-woven bag. In this situation, paper bags cannot show the promotion effect very well. Instead, non-woven bags can be reused by many times. It not only works as a shopping bags, also can be used to promote business very well. The Price is also very cheap.

Second, Non-woven bags are becoming more and more popular.  From the starting of using non-woven bags, the style and color is very limited. Now there are various styles and colorful printing method can be used on them. It’s already satisfied the requirement of packaging industry. Screen printing , heat transfer printing, gravure printing can all be used on them which can make the topic more vivid.

Last but not least, Non-woven bags are more Eco-friendly. Non-woven bag is a type of recycle bags. it can decompose easily under the ground. Using non-woven bags can reduce the use of plastic bags and paper bags. The materiel of making paper bags are wood. reduce using paper bags can save lots of forest source.

Therefore , non-woven bags are more compatible than paper bags because of reusable, recyclable, colorful and affordable.

Custom Paper Bags Banner

Paper Bags – Best Price Shopping Bags

Why Choose Our Paper Bags

In Shopping bags Industry, Plastic bags and paper bags are two most popular products because of low cost. There are lost of retail stores choose using Plastic Bags and Paper Bags to  promote their business. Compare with paper bags and plastic bags, paper bag is more expensive than the plastic bag. but paper bag is more durable, and more Eco-friendly.

The Toronto government was trying to ban the plastic bag because of considering pollution problem. Therefor, more and more retailers and grocery stores decide to use paper bag and reusable bags.

ADD Shopping Bags is a manufacturer of producing custom shopping bags such us paper bags, reusable bags, promotional bag etc. We are professional in this industry also offer the best price.

Our Paper bags have two main types: Kraft Paper Bags and High Gloss Paper Bags. All Our paper bags can be custom size made and custom printed.

What is Kraft Paper Bag:

The kraft paper bag is made by kraft paper which is very Durable and Eco-friendly. The Thickness can be measured by gsm (Paper density).  Please review our sample paper bag below:


 What is High Gloss Paper Bag:

The high gloss paper bag is made by art-paper with gloss lamination. Usually high gloss paper bag is more more beautiful because we can print more colorful image or logo on it. The Lamination can protect the printing area very well. Please review our sample paper bag below:


Three Reasons to Go Reusable Shopping Bags

Three Reasons to Go Reusable Shopping Bags

Nowadays, The Reusable Shopping Bags are everywhere in Canada. Almost all the Supermarket and Grocery Store have been using Reusable Bags for promotional use which is also Eco-Friendly. The Following is the three reasons why we should use Reusable Shopping Bags.

First of all, Reusable Shopping Bags Replace the Original Plastic shopping Bags.

no plastic bags

no plastic bags

Before people using Reusable Bags,  Plastic Bags are all over the place because of convenience and cheap cost.  The plastic bags are not recyclable which causes lots of environment problems.  There’s  only 1% of the plastic bags are recycled in the world-wide.

Because of the low value and cheap feel of the plastic bags, people usually won’t keep it and throw away after use. You can always see garbage on the corner of the street, subway station, and all the other public place, and most of them are those plastic bags.

Therefore, reusable shopping bags will replace the original plastic shopping bags which will reduce pollution.


Second,  Using Reusable Shopping bags to Promote Your Business

Non-woven Bags

Custom Bags with Logo

Most of our reusable shopping bags are made by the materiel like Non-woven Fabric, Canvas Fabric etc.

There are lots of printing ways like Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Gravure Printing which we we can use to print your company logo, promotional picture on the bag. Using Reusable shopping Bag is a good way to promote your business.



Last but not least,  Reusable Shopping Bags is Eco-Friendly.

reusable bags

reusable bags

Not like the plastic bags which are not recyclable, the material which use to make those reusable bags are Eco-friendly.  For example, Non-woven Fabric is the main material which we use to make bags. This kind of fabric is recyclable, if you bury a Non-woven bag, it will discomposed in 90 days. The plastic bags will take forever which will be a big pollution problem.


In Conclusion, Using Reusable Shopping Bags have 3 good reasons which are reducing plastic bags use, good for promoting business, and Eco-friendly. We are living in a beautiful world which has been suffering in pollution problem. Reusable shopping bags are good for environment which also can do advertisement for you business. Let’s use reusable shopping bags for more fresh air , more business.

plastic bags, use reusable bags

Toronto Shopping Bags

Toronto Shopping Bags

Toronto Shopping Bags Union

Plastic shopping bags banned from retail stores by Toronto city council 

Toronto has become the first major city in Canada to ban retailers from offering plastic shopping bags, as of Jan. 1, 2013, following a council decision that also scraps the 6¢ bag fee.

The surprise bag ban — made Wednesday without study or consultation — was immediately heralded by environmentalists and derided by Mayor Rob Ford, who said it opened the city up to potential lawsuits.

Toronto Shopping Bags, Toronto Shopping Bags

“It’s the end of the plastic bag and it’s the end of [retailers] making $5-million a year on the poor shoppers,” said Councillor David Shiner, who lamented that an environmental initiative to charge for plastic bags had become a money-maker for companies. “It’s time they give us a free alternative to take our groceries home.”


Non-woven Bags

Non-woven Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags

Eco-friendly reusable bags refer to reusable shopping bags, customer bags, promotional bags or tote bags.  usually are customized on different sizes, styles and printing. They are alternative of single paper bags and poly bags. Excellent for promotion and branding your products and businesses. Reusable shopping bags are categorized into non-woven baglaminated non-woven bagPP woven bagNylon bagCanvas bag/cotton bag.

reusable bag is more durable than a paper bag or poly bag, and it can carry 30 lbs at least. Our research found that the average non-woven bag is used 188 times.

Toronto Shopping Bags

non-woven fabric

What is Non-woven Bags

What is Non-woven Bags

Non-woven bags are reusable fabric-like bags made by spun-bonded polypropylene (PP). The non-woven bags can be recycled, naturally decompose, or completely incinerates in around 90 days underground. Non-woven bags are Eco-friendly and durable. Non-woven bags are one type of reusable bags which can be use as promotional bag with logo printed on.  They are great for grocery shopping, trade show giveaways, promotional use, gifts, and many other uses.

Our large collection of non-woven bags are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes, and designs. Non-woven bags can also be used for a variety of purposes. Non-woven bags are very popular andNW-102 trendy making them appealing to your most discerning customers.

Unlike other custom shopping bags manufacturers, Our non-woven bags only use recyclable materials that are unparalleled in term of strength, durability, and quality. With your brand name, logo, slogan, or other information you can use these custom non-woven bags to promote your  brand or a specific product or product line. Our custom non-woven bags come directly from the factory allowing us to provide you the best possible price.



Why Should You Use Non-woven Bags?

  • Non-woven bags are made by polypropylene fabric thich is totally recyclable and Eco-friendly.Nowadays, the pollution problem is more and more serious, everyone needs to consider about environmental issues in our everyday operations.
  • Non-woven bags is one type of reusable bags which can be printed your company logo and information on. Making custom non-woven bags is a  great way  for promoting both your company and your products. Customers will reuse the non-woven bags over and over which can promote your business wherever they go. These non-woven bags will keep leaving impression on your customers when you use them for promotions, sales, and gifts.
  • The wide selections of non-woven bags is available at exceptionally low costs which allow them to be unique representation of your business without breaking spending too much money.