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Why Choose Our Paper Bags

In Shopping bags Industry, Plastic bags and paper bags are two most popular products because of low cost. There are lost of retail stores choose using Plastic Bags and Paper Bags to  promote their business. Compare with paper bags and plastic bags, paper bag is more expensive than the plastic bag. but paper bag is more durable, and more Eco-friendly.

The Toronto government was trying to ban the plastic bag because of considering pollution problem. Therefor, more and more retailers and grocery stores decide to use paper bag and reusable bags.

ADD Shopping Bags is a manufacturer of producing custom shopping bags such us paper bags, reusable bags, promotional bag etc. We are professional in this industry also offer the best price.

Our Paper bags have two main types: Kraft Paper Bags and High Gloss Paper Bags. All Our paper bags can be custom size made and custom printed.

What is Kraft Paper Bag:

The kraft paper bag is made by kraft paper which is very Durable and Eco-friendly. The Thickness can be measured by gsm (Paper density).  Please review our sample paper bag below:


 What is High Gloss Paper Bag:

The high gloss paper bag is made by art-paper with gloss lamination. Usually high gloss paper bag is more more beautiful because we can print more colorful image or logo on it. The Lamination can protect the printing area very well. Please review our sample paper bag below:


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