Three Reasons to Go Reusable Shopping Bags

Three Reasons to Go Reusable Shopping Bags

Nowadays, The Reusable Shopping Bags are everywhere in Canada. Almost all the Supermarket and Grocery Store have been using Reusable Bags for promotional use which is also Eco-Friendly. The Following is the three reasons why we should use Reusable Shopping Bags.

First of all, Reusable Shopping Bags Replace the Original Plastic shopping Bags.

no plastic bags

no plastic bags

Before people using Reusable Bags,  Plastic Bags are all over the place because of convenience and cheap cost.  The plastic bags are not recyclable which causes lots of environment problems.  There’s  only 1% of the plastic bags are recycled in the world-wide.

Because of the low value and cheap feel of the plastic bags, people usually won’t keep it and throw away after use. You can always see garbage on the corner of the street, subway station, and all the other public place, and most of them are those plastic bags.

Therefore, reusable shopping bags will replace the original plastic shopping bags which will reduce pollution.


Second,  Using Reusable Shopping bags to Promote Your Business

Non-woven Bags

Custom Bags with Logo

Most of our reusable shopping bags are made by the materiel like Non-woven Fabric, Canvas Fabric etc.

There are lots of printing ways like Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Gravure Printing which we we can use to print your company logo, promotional picture on the bag. Using Reusable shopping Bag is a good way to promote your business.



Last but not least,  Reusable Shopping Bags is Eco-Friendly.

reusable bags

reusable bags

Not like the plastic bags which are not recyclable, the material which use to make those reusable bags are Eco-friendly.  For example, Non-woven Fabric is the main material which we use to make bags. This kind of fabric is recyclable, if you bury a Non-woven bag, it will discomposed in 90 days. The plastic bags will take forever which will be a big pollution problem.


In Conclusion, Using Reusable Shopping Bags have 3 good reasons which are reducing plastic bags use, good for promoting business, and Eco-friendly. We are living in a beautiful world which has been suffering in pollution problem. Reusable shopping bags are good for environment which also can do advertisement for you business. Let’s use reusable shopping bags for more fresh air , more business.

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