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Toronto Shopping Bags

Toronto Shopping Bags Union

Plastic shopping bags banned from retail stores by Toronto city council 

Toronto has become the first major city in Canada to ban retailers from offering plastic shopping bags, as of Jan. 1, 2013, following a council decision that also scraps the 6¢ bag fee.

The surprise bag ban — made Wednesday without study or consultation — was immediately heralded by environmentalists and derided by Mayor Rob Ford, who said it opened the city up to potential lawsuits.

Toronto Shopping Bags, Toronto Shopping Bags

“It’s the end of the plastic bag and it’s the end of [retailers] making $5-million a year on the poor shoppers,” said Councillor David Shiner, who lamented that an environmental initiative to charge for plastic bags had become a money-maker for companies. “It’s time they give us a free alternative to take our groceries home.”


Non-woven Bags

Non-woven Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags

Eco-friendly reusable bags refer to reusable shopping bags, customer bags, promotional bags or tote bags.  usually are customized on different sizes, styles and printing. They are alternative of single paper bags and poly bags. Excellent for promotion and branding your products and businesses. Reusable shopping bags are categorized into non-woven baglaminated non-woven bagPP woven bagNylon bagCanvas bag/cotton bag.

reusable bag is more durable than a paper bag or poly bag, and it can carry 30 lbs at least. Our research found that the average non-woven bag is used 188 times.

Toronto Shopping Bags

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