Montreal will ban plastic bags in 2018, Use Reusable Bags

plastic bags, use reusable bags

Montreal will ban plastic bags in 2018, Use Reusable Bags

Montreal will be the largest municipality in Canada to ban single-use plastic bags as of Jan. 1, 2018, It’s a really good news because plastic bags caused too much pollution problems.

If this happens, Montreal will face the legal challenges from the plastic bags industry that forced other cities who tried to implement similar bans, including Toronto, to retreat.

Most of the stores and retailers have to go for reusable shopping bags, retail bags which will cost more than single use plastic bags, but it will be much helpful to protect the enviroment since most reusable bags are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. People like to use reusable bags for grocery shopping which is also good for business promotion purpose. For long term perspective, reusable bags should be better choice in the future. Hope the other cities in Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, etc can follow the step of Montreal to ban the plastic bags in the near future.

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