Build up your brand image with non-woven bags in Canada

Non-woven Bag

Bags is a critical component in building a brand’s image and identity. The message can be delivered to the end-user within limited imprinted area. When users carry the bags and walk on the street, it becomes a floating advertisement. There are few advantages for using non-woven bags to build up your brand image..

1. Brand Identity Expression.
High quality printing non-woven bags can improve the engagement with the end-users and differentiate a brand in today’s crowded markets.

Good non-woven bags printing design can make company information easy to find. Also, good printing messages can share unique company and product message directly with end-users.

The colorful and informative non-woven bags can also call attention to your products over those of competitors.

Why chose custom made non-woven bags in Canada?

Other than build up brand images, there are few advantage for using non woven bags.

Reusable non-woven bags are everywhere in Canada nowadays and these non woven bags are using for all kinds of business, not just for retailer. There are few advantage for non-woven bags.

1.Environmental friendly
Non-woven fabric is made of spun bond polypropylene . It is 100% recycle and can be used many times and so may keep dozens or even hundreds of plastic shopping bags out of local landfills. Also, non-woven bags are bio-degradable and can be burn without any toxic contaminants.

2. Durability
Non-woven bags are more durable than the traditional paper and plastic bags. Coating effect can make non-woven bags become waterproof, colorful appearance. The life span is longer than the traditional paper and plastic bags

3.Good for Advertising
Non woven bags are a good way to promote your company and products. Non woven bags are a good floating advertisement platform and end-users can reuse the non-woven bags over and over promoting your business. Non-woven bags provide a cost effective way for your company to reach huge advertising effect.

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