How to Choose the Right Retail Bags for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Retail Bags for Your Business

There’re many factors to consider when you choose the retail bags for your business.


First of all, you need to consider the main purpose of the retail bags. Are these bags mainly for aesthetic and advertising purposes, or are they meant to protect the contents?

If  you are looking for the bags which are mainly for aesthetic purposes, you are going to need the bag that comes with Custom logo/image printed such as a custom non-woven bags, custom paper bags etc.

Non-woven bags, also called reusable bags, which  can be customized almost any size and are available in matte or glossy finishes with lamination. These bags are designed to protect the environment and also promote your business.

Paper bags is also one of the good retail bags which can be custom printed and use for promotion. The cost is very close to the reusable non-woven bags, but it’s less durable and not Eco-friendly.

Most supermarket use non-woven bags as their retail bags because it’s reusable and heavy duty. More and more people choose to buy reusable retail bags instead of plastic bags which will help the world reduce pollution a lot.

Second, If you are limited with budget, Kraft paper bags are  very good choice for you because of the low price and high cost performance. logo can also be printed on the bags using screen printing or offset printing etc. The cost of kraft paper bags are almost half of the non-woven bags and gloss paper bags.

In most of fashion store or shoe store, they use craft paper bags a lot because of the reason above.

In conclusion, ADD shopping bags has lots of options for our customer to choose the right retail bags upon their requirement. We can custom print any kind of logo or image, even metallic color like gold, silver,etc.

You just need to send us your logo image, and we’ll take care of the rest.